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Welcome to my Yuku profile. I try to take time for myself, for my family, for my job, for my spiritual well-being and for my financial stability. When any one of these becomes neglected, all areas suffer. My passions include my family of my husband of 28 years, our sons and my elderly mother; my job as copy editor for a small weekly newspaper; my cats; message boards; digital scrapbooking; mental illness and autism awareness. My recent bout with breast cancer has left me with a greater appreciation of life. I love to learn. I have always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I love to read. Mysteries and Christian novels are my favorite genres.
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Wow, was I surprised when I came in to check a new friend request & found that my location is now Nampa, Idaho!!!!! Nampa?? Nampa is several hundred miles west of my actual location. I think I've only been to Nampa once in my lifetime. In checking to see why I had moved to Nampa, I found that the location is the location of your ISP. It's nice to know where our ISP is located
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Backdoor Friends is a gathering place for friends who have neurologically challenged children.

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